September 14, 2010

Entry 2: 2+2 = Change

I remember when I was introduced to community-based work. It was during my Pre-Service Orientation for being an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America). This was a week long training on community organizing, activism, and sustainability.


It was like I finally woke up and realized that what I wanted to do was bring people together to create community change.

Six years later, I am still awake and working for two non-profits that advocate for Youth Empowerment and School-Based Health Care.

Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!) is an organization that hires young people, as staff, trains them and them provides them with opportunities to get out in the community and use their voice!

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The North Carolina School Community Health Alliance is the statewide resource organization for school-based and school-linked health centers.


I think it is important to remember how we got to where we are. I feel that it helps me to recognize the lenses that I see the world through.

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And if I understand how I see the world, maybe I can understand how the world sees me.

Parrish (Big Wind Blows) 

Then maybe, a few people working together to make their community a better place, regardless of age, race, or creed…

Mellow Mushroom

…could have a really big effect.




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  2. thats so neat about helping mellow mushroom go smoke free! i lived in wilmington when they went smoke cool!! keep up all the good work!

  3. Hi Parrish,
    Fellow Gluten Free blogger from Durham here.
    I was also in the AmerCorps VISTA program. I was in Blanding Utah working with the Ute indians and the Navaho. First I helped start a Summer Art Program for the school kids. Then I helped on a project aimed at keeping kids in school. We matched up at risk students with a mentor who would stay with them from 8th grade until they graduate.

    I haven't been able to keep up my advocacy since returning. My health has taken a front seat to my priorities. Hopefully when I get this under control I will again be able to find a cause I believe and get involved with.

    Good luck with your new venture.

  4. Wendy, that is awesome, sounds like a great project! I'm a firm believer of it being hard to help others if you can't help yourself. I know that my time as a VISTA is something that will always sit with me. I'm don't doubt at all that it will be hard to find a cause, though I'm also a firm believer that letting folks (and businesses) know about gluten intolerance is a pretty worthwhile thing! Thanks for the comment!